The Family Tree


Below is the family tree so far. Your first reaction I'm sure is "Where is the zoom button in Netscape or Explorer?". Well if you find it, let me know. In the mean time if you want to be able to see this full size you can do one of the following:

Click here to see a six-page Acrobat file.  You can zoom in and out in Acrobat.

Click here to see a two-page Acrobat file…

Or, if you are using Netscape

 Put the cursor over the image below.

 Press the right mouse button

 Click "View Image"


All of a sudden, the image will be huge. You'll be able to read all the names but they'll fill about 10 screens and you'll have to scroll all over the place to see who is where.

You can also right-click on the picture and click "save image as" to copy it to your hard drive to print or whatever.


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