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1954 Homestead

1954 Homestead

The Homestead in 1954


I put together as much of the family history as I could scrape together.. 

I changed the format of most of the pages from html (regular web pages that open in your browser window) to Adobe Acrobat.  It's much easier and faster for me to get the information on the web in this format, however you need Acrobat Reader to view the pages.  If you don't have it on your computer already, you can download it from Adobe for free.  It's also easier for you to copy these files to your computer for offline viewing and printing.  You will need to use your browser's "back" button more to navigate.

All of the information has been "privatized" for the web, meaning there is no personal data (like birthdays, place of birth, etc.) on living individuals.  

Feedback and additional names, dates, places etc. are still welcome. Enjoy! Martin

Our Ancestors..... These pages list our direct ancestors. The primary difference between these pages is that your page has your name on top.

Rika Tom Beate  Martin Hans Tina  Bonnie Martin Schoeler   Ulrich Schoeler

...And Their Relationship to Us.... These pages list all of the relatives that I have found so far and their relation to you. These pages have all the same people listed on them, but the relationships vary by who you are (of course).

Rika Tom Beate Martin Hans Tina  Bonnie Martin Schoeler Ulrich Schoeler

Family Tree.  This is a graphical representation of the Family Tree. It focus's on me because, well, just because. Just click on the tree.

Outline Descendant Trees. These pages are hierarchical descendant listings (text) of the oldest relatives that I know of. I have also included our generation on this page so that our kids won't feel left out.

Klein Descendants Palmer Descendants Gutekunst Descendants Our Descendants

People in this Family Tree. These pages list all of the individuals included in my database. I have separated them into Bonnie's side of the family (Walcotts) and mine (Kleins).

Walcotts Kleins

Historical Photographs. These pages contain about 150 photographs going back about 150 years. 

Old Klein Pics

Old Palmer Photos



There are omissions (birthdays, middle names, etc.)  If you find any mistakes, please let me know and I'll update my files.  Find something or someone wrong or missing? – a wrong date, typo, or broken link?  E-mail me and let me know and I’ll fix it.  If I'm missing people and you know, please let me know.  

Updates and Changes:

August 6, 2003:  I added a lot of pictures.
September 1, 2003:  Updated pages, fixed a couple typos, changed most pages to Adobe .pdf format.  The graphical family tree is now a pdf file, so you can view it better and download it too.

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