This Web Page is CruzDay9 - Saturday July 6, leaving the boat and driving to Guilford
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Day 9 - Seneca Falls - disembark - head to Guilford by car
End of the boat trip - Farewell to “Freedom”
· We toyed with the idea of taking the boat for a few more days
· Everyone agrees - best vacation ever (next to Mexico)
· Let’s make it an annual tradition - maybe take 2 boats
Breakfast at Twin’s Café - 2 hour wait for our food!!  $2.35 for 2 eggs, toast, coffee, and bacon!
Packing the car
sea legs - everything is rocking

Taughanuck Falls again
o Guilford via Ithaca, driving down the west side of the lake, past many of the things we say en route, including Goose Watch winery.
· Stopped at a large U-pick cherry orchard looking for nectarines
· Taughannock Falls Overlook - the upper falls
· 3 couples from Brockton area with Gold Wing touring bikes (daughter calls it “the Couch” (she just got award for most miles travel in a year - 42,000 - and she’s a full-time accountant!)
· Rebecca finally napped!
· Ithaca is very hilly
· farm stand past Ithaca with huge cantaloupes, Queen Anne cherries
· Beautiful countryside - very rural, farm country
· Pete’s sister Theresa, Sanjay, baby Griffin and dog Angel
· Lake Association potluck picnic supper and annual meeting
· Dirt cake with gummi worms
· water slide next door
· trampoline
· Horseshoe context across the street - State Police fired off big loud shells intermittently during the afternoon
· Putting in the dock
· Fireworks over the lake from the boat house
· neighbor went to pyrotechnic school - does a professional show.  Assoc. pays ~ $1600 for the fireworks
· boat goes around lake with siren - signal for folks to light their red flares
· amplified patriotic music tape during the fireworks
· Scotch and cigars afterwards on the boat house deck
· no trip to the Pillars bar because the guy killed his wife and is in jail
Long drive home - none of us anticipated holiday traffic - took detour through/around Albany - supper at Friendly’s - home around 11 PM
· Paul and Rika, at front and back of car, kept trying to call Grandma Lola to tell her we were en route.  Phone busy - finally got through when we were in Weston
· As we crossed the Town line, Rebecca began singing “God Bless Bedford, my home sweet home!”

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