This Web Page is CruzDay8 - Friday July 5: Hibiscus Harbor to Seneca falls
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Day 8:  (Fri 7/5) Hibiscus - Seneca Falls

Marina very quiet - lots of folks had just come for the Fourth; everyone else was hung over.
We’d run out of coffee, and toothless Ron from a few boats over had no coffee pot, so we pooled our resources
Fruit salad and Paul’s wonderful eggs again
We all watched Disney’s old “Freaky Friday” (Jodie Foster as a teen!) together after breakfast, while we still had shore power

All week was 95 degrees, except Friday AM which was chilly

Locks CS-2 and CS-3
Very cold and windy, choppy water - we all wore fleece and long sleeves and long pants
Cayuga-Seneca Canal looks more like the bayou
“Alligator Crossing” sign
Saw our first Lesser Blue Herons
First time we passed a Mid-Lakes boat
Seneca Falls Lock:
· Double lock - 1 right behind the other
· 4 boats in the lock
Seneca Falls is right behind the locks
Wonderful stone Episcopal church is the first thing you see - right on the canal, with walk and rose garden and benches along the canal
Our shortest day of cruising - only 2 hours!
Seneca Falls:
· Seneca Falls was saved by 3 women, who persuaded the town to invest in its history rather than pursue urban renewal in the 80’s.
· First women rights convention was held in SF.  This is the history that SF invested in.
· Home of Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Mary Baker Eddy (Christian Science founder)
· Canal-side Museum of Water and Industry - simple machines exhibit, tools, Rumsey pumps.  Seneca Falls was the pump-making Capital of the country for a long time
· Bailey’s Ice Cream - full of “It’s a Wonderful Life” memorabilia.  Frank Capra lived in Elmira, and many think that Bedford Falls was based on Seneca Falls. The bridge in the movie looks just like the SF bridge by which we moored.
· Lunch at Neapolitan Pizza
· Browsed store of women-made products
· Seneca Knitting Mill building across the canal from where we tied up
· Went to community band concert in Canal Park

Paul has everything under control at lock CS-2

The old  Knitting Mill in Seneca Falls
· Gave more house tours
· Rika took long walk down main side street - beautiful period houses in excellent condition, sidewalks set back 20’ from street, made of huge slate slabs
· Martin, paul and Rika took walk after dinner.  The “Bill Gates walk” - every sentence began with “I hate Bill Gates.” - Paul was like a drunk man, fixated on Bill Gates, and actually began stumbling.  We had to hold him up under his arms!
· Rebecca fed the ducks and ducklings “salad”
· Great night-time photos of the boat
· Martin slept with head set on

A perfect summer night in Seneca Falls

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