This Web Page is CruzDay7 - Thursday July 4: Taughannock to Hibiscus Harbor
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Day 7:  July 4 - Taughannock - Hibiscus Harbor (Thurs)
  • 7 AM:  2 fat ladies wake us up exclaiming loudly about our basil plant (One had bright purple eyelashes)
  • Early departure - Rika and kids still sleeping
  • Came up the East shore of lake to Aurora / Wells College (heavily endowed, restored by the American Doll founder)
  • Crossed lake to Goosewatch Winery
  • Saw our PA couple fishing at Dean’s Landing
  • Day lilies blooming everywhere
  • painting fingernails with stars and stripes
  • beautiful dock
  • 6’ water at dock
  • wine tasting - 10 sips for $1
  • Blessed AC in their showroom
  • Rebecca bought wine tasting jazz CD
  • Paul rode down the hill with owner in his jeep to deliver our cases of wine
Other boat tied up at dock
  • fellow told us about the lake’s mysterious booming
  • Indian legends report it
  • explosion in salt mines under the lake?
  • giant gas bubble?  No one has ever seen one, though
  • fellow also told us there was no precipitation in the weather report
· Behind and ahead of us (we only got a few drops for 5 minutes)
· serious lightning south of us
· Ithaca reportedly got hail
Hibiscus Harbor with no bow thruster (very tight) - YEAH, CAPT. MARTIN!!!
· Michael Maloney-Ward’s grandfather, mother and aunts from Bedford in motor boat
· jump into pool
· Gin & Tonics at bar

Dinner at Marina restaurant

  • blackened scallops
  • family with red, white & blue Abe Lincoln hats
  • live band on deck
· mega-patriotism
· “Wallace and Grommit and the Wrong Trousers” at last!
· only 5 beers left, so we drank lots of Goosewatch wine
· Fireworks!! 10 PM (It gets dark a lot later in NY!)
· We took towels, bed pillows and a blanket to the main deck.  Fireworks were right over the boat!
· clear and cool following the thunderstorm front
· lots of patriotic music during fireworks
Martin and Rika lay out and star-gazed afterwards (new faceless horse constellation)
· Martin slept with forward hatch open under the stars


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