This Web Page is CruzDay6 - Wednesday July 3: Taughannock Falls Shore Day
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Day 6: Taughannock Falls Shore Day (Wed. July 3)
Park guys take our trash for us which was nice.  TF is a carry in, carry out park with no trash barrels.
AM hike to Falls
· swimming in the Falls
· plants and trees - good signage and explanations
· geology - sandstone, shale, limestone - used to be ancient seabed

began giving serious house-boat tours
Paul had rash - swimmers’ itch?
Pete and Lisa and Kids visit:
· brought provisions
· 2nd walk to Falls - ½ hr. up, 2 hrs. down
· cookout with marshmallows
· 6 year old girls needed ice packs because of back pain because they were "pregnant"
Paul rented fishing pole
Paul called AJ, Corey
· operator’s voice “one minute left” was very scary
· chasing fireflies in the field

Ithaca fireworks

  • continuous wake from boat traffic returning afterwards rocked us for an hour, 
  • boat traffic sounded like a freight train

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