This Web Page is CruzDay5 - Tuesday July 2: Cruising south on Cayuga Lake; Hibiscus Harbor to Taughannock Falls
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Day 5:  Hibiscus - Taughannock Falls / Cruising Lake Cayuga
Big bass jumping around the boat in AM
Cayuga Lake
· 40 miles long, 400' deep
· Flat and marsh at north, cliffs and gorges at south
· Water is clear and deliciously cool
· dead fish floating by

Paul tubing on Cayuga Lake

This was a very humid sunny day
· Paul almost loses his shorts!
· We almost lose Paul!
· Bonnie and Rebecca go tubing!
· Rika tubes!
Martin and Rika sunburned by haze and water reflection despite staying under canapy all day
Lots of cell phone calls to Seneca Marine, Erie Canal Co. (Jerry gave us a wrong #!)  We never did get the bow thrusters fixed.
· Went down the western shore
· Too hazy for decent photos, navigation difficult because it's hard to recognize landmarks from a distance
· Binoculars for sight-seeing
· big farms on the crest of shores
· vineyards along shore
· shore cottages with long stairs down the cliffs (one even had a free-standing elevator!)
· coal-burning electric plant with mountains of coal and coal train arriving

Heading south on Cayuga Lake
Taughannock Falls State Park:
· Moored at fishing pier (only us tied up)
· No water or shore power
· playground, snack bar, rental fishing rods
· public beach with lifeguards, diving raft (Paul did front flip!), bath house
· pebble beach with lawn
· Water cold at first but then very swimmable
· Seaweed like kelp forests
· Zebra mussels (sharp!, on kelp)
· crayfish
· People we met:
· Couple from PA fishing from the pier (he reminded us of John Barck)
· fishing twin boys
· man whose family had owned much of the park land, daughter Renate going to Bolivia (Cochabamba!) as Rotary scholar in Sept.
· steak cookout
· Park to ourselves at night
· Shower starts dripping
· Bucket of lake water for cooling off - kids delight in pouring water on us during cocktails
Ithaca suburb on opposite shore looked out of place, appeared white like Mediterranean town
Linden trees blooming -could smell them before we even tied up
No shore power, no AC, boombox didnít work with batteries
Beatrice, little girl in pink bathing suit

Rebecca relaxing at Taughannock Falls State Park


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