This Web Page is CruzDay4 - Monday July 1: Shore day in Hibiscus Harbor Marina, Union Springs, NY.
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Day 4:  Monday Hibiscus Harbor Shore Day (no cruising)
Air conditioning in front 2 berths
All 3 adults take long naps
Laura and Art lend Rika their car to go grocery shopping
· 50's era market
· great steaks
· no seltzler or mixers
· beer and wine in grocery stores
· beer in gas stations
· liquor store closed
· postage rate hike goes into effect
  • Bonnie and the trash walk (marina dumpster was a mile away)
  • first video- Wallace and Grommit
  • New life jacket for Rebecca
  • pre-paid for July 4 slip so we could see the fireworks
  • feeding fish and ducks off the boat
  • Spaghetti-o's and hors d'oeuvres for supper
  • Rebecca's dance performance on the deck entertained everyone in the marina
  • We start living in bathing suits (it was HOT)

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