This Web Page is CruzDay3 - Sunday June 30: Newark, NY to Hibiscus Harbor.
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Day 3:  Newark - Hibiscus Harbor / Union Springs
Hot, hot, hot!!! (95+/- degrees all week and HUMID!)
Our longest day (card games, magnet cubes)
Life jackets are hard for kids
Fishing camps alongside the canal
The perfect little camping site along canal
Rope swing
Great Blue Herons, Bald Eagle, Ospreys on nests, Kingfishers
Freight train along Canal saluted us with a whistle blast
Barges / dry dock
Barge pull-outs for passing?
Lock 25 - last lock on Erie before entering Seneca-Cayuga CanalMontezuma Audubon sanctuary
Fish run
No mosquitos or bugs!
Lake Cayuga
Duck blinds
Sand bar
Castelli's Marina closed
Hibiscus Harbor Marina:
· Bow thruster failed approaching lock CS-1
· "Very respectable" landing at Hibiscus gas dock, according to locals.  I felt better after pulling up in my boat that said "Rental" on the side in big letters.
· Cows grazing beside the harbor
· Friend Peggy from Syracuse arrives just as we pull in, with 5 bags of provisions (cheese, beer, ice, fruit, snacks, etc)
· swimming pool
· Cliff swallows live under floating docks
· Shore slips have "home" set-ups - lockers with barbecues, fridge, bikes, potted gardens, etc.
· Bar, restaurant closed so Rika and Peg go find cheeseburgers for kids


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