This Page is CruzDay 2 Ė Saturday June 29:Fairport to Newark
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Awoke on the boat 
Breakfast in Fairport at Rikiís Restaurant 
Left Fairport about 10 
Cruised to Newark and then tied up at the wall for the night. 

Early morning coffee in Fairport

Our first lock (E30)
  • John LeClaire (real nice guy) took us through our first lock where we met Capt. Lee of Colonial Belle (his father in-law)
  • Our first lock 
  • Training in the morning 
  • In gear in the lock.  I felt better when our "instructor" left the boat in gear in the lock.
  • Muddy ropes 
  • Lock masters 
  • Exploring the lock- playground - chipmunk in riding turtle - lunch with man and his daughter Rebbekah - 
  • Spillways 
  • Generator 
  • Beauty contests amongst locks 
  • Signs with facts and figures 
  • Flower gardens 
  • 3 men per lock plus 20 hr. volunteer 
  • Smashed car 
  • clean enough to swim 
  • drained every winter 
  • NY Barge Canal - Old Erie canal runs parallel 
  • 1/2 as many locks as original canal 
  • tow path 
  • longest National (State?) Park in the country 
  • no other boats 
Life jackets for kids 
great blue herons 
Midlakes Marina 
Lots of lawn in NY 
Fruit salad every AM 

Lock E30
  • State has funded free public tie-ups with power and water for canallers 
  • Free mooring, electricity @ $.25/2 hr. 
  • grilled teriyaki steaks 
  • Paul went exploring and found theatre 
  • Bonnie and Rebecca picked wild flowers W
  • ent to movies (Mr. Deeds, Hey Arnold) 
  • Mayor and his wife 
  • Older couple who'd lost spouses and remarried (Their late spouses had been cousins so their kids are related although the parents aren't) 
  • 3rd couple told me about the history of Newark: 
  • 5 family industries (Jackson and Perkins, cannery, furniture, Sarah Coventry jewelry, and another) each died or moved when the next generation didin't want to take over. 
  • Newark opted for urban renewal in 80's and destroyed all it's old buildings, didn't buy J&P rose gardens which attracted 300,000 visitors / yr.)

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