This Web Page is CruzDay1 - Friday June 28: Bedford to Fairport, NY.
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We left Bedford at 7am in beautiful weather and headed for New York.  We started our vacation cruise in Fairport, NY, just south of Rochester.  We arrived mid-afternoon, found the boat, and met Jerry from Erie Canal Cruise Lines. 

The boat was not clean and ready (1/2 roll toilet paper, only 1 head, no dinghy, etc.)

We had an ice cream cone and a beer by the canal while Jerry finished prepping the boat

Spent the night on the boat

Wayside School book on tape
ice cream at the cafe by the canal
Shopping at Wegman's
Hydroponic basil plant - our garden
lift bridge
scootering (bike ramps next to stairs under the bridge)
Kayak rental lady from Lexington
learning to use the head


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